We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Maxim Yakovenko

Founder of the Project

Dear friends, Thank you for your interest in world-pyramids.com and mysteries of the ancient history. We live in the time of changings and I hope the information about our mysterious past will bring  into your life inspiration and symbols. Read full story 


world-pyramids.com was founded in 2008 as a resource for pyramid studies and research around the world. It became the most popular resource according to the Google about Chinese, US and  European pyramids.

After 5 years world-pyramids.com changed design and concept. Now the project contains information about famous pyramids from the whole world well-known to everybody and questionable pyramid constructions which should be investigated. And not only pyramids. The project is also dedicated to megalithic constructions, ancient civilizations, Atlantis and Mu, and other ancient mysteries and sacred sites worldwide.

The views of the founder of world-pyramids.com Maxim Yakovenko and community members may not concur with official history and archaeology. Moreover this project holds the alternative history’s vision of the development of human civilizations.

The main mission of www.world-pyramids.com is to organise a community of independent archaeologists, historians and also open minded researchers of diverse qualifications from various countries for the research of ancient prehistoric civilizations, pyramids and other megalithic sites.

Main Idea

The main idea of the world-pyramids.com is to give a visitor  the best opportunity to feel yourself as a researcher of pyramids and megaliths searching a huge interactive world map on the main page and seeing pyramid locations from satellite view.

Every article is open for discussion on comment list. There is a special Games page for adult and kinds which has more and more intellectual games, puzzles and rebuses dedicated to ancient history, pyramids and ancient  civilizations. It’s a good opportunity to feel yourself as a researcher through learning historical games.

How to Join

If you have something to share with whole world such as amazing photos and interesting insight about the ancient mysteries and pyramids you can JOIN to the Community. We also have the Facebook page where is more information and news where you can subscribe and follow to the world of pyramids. 

Join to this fantastic research!

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