We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Research Trip to Peru and Bolivia
25 Dec 13

The founder of world-pyramids with web manager of this project spent in Peru and Bolivia two weeks and found undoubtful and unquestionable evidences of a developed ancient civilization(s) in Peru. Some…

How Many Pyramids are in the World?
27 Apr 13

If you ask yourself how many pyramids are in the world you will be lost in thoughts. And it least you wouldn't find the right number. No matter who you are a person who has never interested in pyramids…

Russians Conquered the Great Pyramid!
27 Mar 13

Russians Conquered the Great Pyramid! Vitaliy Raskalov, Russian blogger and roofer was like an ordinary tourist visiting Giza complex having entrance tickets in the middle of March, 2013. But when all…

Pyramid in Baikal lakeshore?
26 Mar 13

Pyramid in Baikal lakeshore? The possible pyramid formations in 80 meters height named like a Baikal Lake Pyramid Hill was discovered by Russian architect and professor from Irkutsk.  In 2007 an architect…

Possible pyramid complexes have been located with Google Earth.
17 Mar 13

One of the complex sites contains a distinct, four-sided, truncated, pyramidal shape that is approximately 140 feet in width.

New Pyramid Found in El Paraiso, Peru
13 Mar 13

New Pyramid Found in El Paraiso, Peru One of the first big settlements and ceremonial centers in the region of Lima was "El Paraíso" (The Paradise). The complex dates back to around 2200 BC. It is located…